Protecting our Hydrants

Protect our Hydrants is a joint initiative between the Town's Water/Wastewater Department and Fire & Emergency Services. Protect our Hydrants is a public awareness campaign aimed at educating and informing residents about the proper care of neighbourhood hydrants by keeping them clear of snow, shrubs and debris. The Town encourages residents to report unauthorized use (water theft), damaged or vandalized hydrants.

Fire hydrants are owned and regularly maintained by the Town's Water/Wastewater Staff. Hydrants are connected to water mains allowing our Firefighters to access the water supply in emergencies. The Town's Water/Wastewater department currently maintains 1366 hydrants.

The Town will be regularly promoting this ongoing initiative throughout the years - with major pushes in the Fall and Spring months - using social media, the Town’s website, posters at Town facilities and at the Community Centre.

Remember: Only the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake​​​​​​'s Water/Wastewater and Fire Departments can use fire hydrants. Any others can be charged and/or fined.

NOTL Fire Crest

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