Climate Change

Climate Change Adaptation

The purpose of a Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP) is to prepare the Town to adapt to climate change, extreme weather and to minimize the results of climate impacts. This will be accomplished by:

  • Creating a vision statement to support the Town’s position on climate change.
  • Identifying potential impacts related to climate change on infrastructure, assets, services and operations.
  • Prioritizing adaptation actions to reduce risk and vulnerability.
  • Developing a detailed plan of implementation including cost estimates, funding sources, responsibilities, timelines and evaluation framework.

The impacts of climate change will be felt across the entire region and will continue into the future.
Adaptation planning enables the Town to develop a guideline and evaluate vulnerabilities, manage the impacts, risks and opportunities presented by changing climate. While efforts to combat climate change are necessary at all levels, municipalities are on the frontline of planning for climate change adaptation and engaging stakeholders.

The CCAP includes twenty-seven actions that the municipality will undertake to adapt to climate change. These actions contribute to six overarching goals that the Town will strive toward as it implements the CCAP. The goals are as follows:

Integrate Climate Change into Plans and Policies
Integrate Climate Change into Plans, Policies, By-Laws and Standards
Urban Forestry Resiliency
Build Urban Forest Resiliency
Reduce Flooding Risk
Reduce Flooding Risks
Incorporate Climate Change in Design
Incorporate Climate Change in Design and Construction
Minimize Health and Safety Risks
Minimize Health and Safety Risks to Community Members
Support Public Awareness and Education
Support Public Awareness and Education

Read the full Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Climate Change Mitigation

Mitigation is focused on the reduction and prevention of greenhouse gas emissions, alongside other efforts to reduce the rate of climate change. 

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has made the following mitigation efforts to date:

  • Decreased energy use in municipal buildings, facilities, and general operations
  • Reduced carbon footprint with LED streetlight conversion project
  • Installed an electric charging station
  • Reduced the use of single-use plastics at Town events
  • Water bottle refill stations installed at Town facilities
  • Four stream garbage bins were installed to dispose of organics at Town facilities

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