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Property Standards

Property Standards

The Property Standards By-law and the Clean Yards By-law deal with the maintenance of buildings and yards. Property Standards is generally used for ensuring that buildings are kept in a safe and sanitary condition and that the property is kept clean and clear of debris. The Clean Yard by-law is a less complicated by-law and is mostly used for the cutting of grass and weeds and for the clean up of dirty back yards.

Complaints can me made via  the Online Service Request & Complaint Form and can also be taken over the phone or through e-mail. 

Make a Complaint or Request

It should be noted that anonymous complaints are rarely acted upon.  Complaint information is always confidential and a complainant's name will not be revealed.  The information is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Naturally, where a complainant is required to give evidence in court, his or her identity will be revealed.


Public Notices

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