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Building Services

Building Services

Building Services is responsible for the administration of the Ontario Building Code Act  in the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the issuance of building permits, and subsequent inspections. The Act provides for the regulation of building activities in the province and delegates the responsibility for enforcement of the Building Code to local municipalities.

Permits are required for most construction activities, including sheds greater than 108 square feet, inground and above ground swimming pools, and decks greater than 24” above grade. Accurate drawings and a site plan are necessary so the project may be assessed for compliance with the Code and other applicable laws including zoning by-laws.

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Applications for a building permit can be completed from online forms available in this section.  To complete an application, basic information including the name and address of the owner and contractor, a set of drawings and a site plan and an accurate project description is required. Location details including the legal description of the property are required. The building permit fee needs to be paid at the time of application for a permit. Prior to the issuance of permits, it is sometimes necessary to obtain the approvals of other agencies or other levels of government depending on the type of project or project location.

For a quick overview of what is required for a building permit, please check out our latest Building Services Brochure. 

Building Services Brochure 2023

Drawings & Documentation Upload

Drawings and documentation may be uploaded to the Town's Hightail page.

Upload Documents

In the 'Subject' space input street address (if known) along with the street name. In the 'Message' space input 'Attn: Building Department' and any additional information you would like to add.


Contact Building Services at (905) 468-3266 (Ext. 287) early in the planning of your project to determine if other approvals may be required.

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