Street Light Outage Reporting Tool

Report a Street Light Problem

Report light outages using our online Street Light Outage map application. Street light repairs will typically be done within 30 days, weather permitting. More complex issues, including short circuits or underground wire faults, may take longer to repair. 

Report burnt out / flickering lights

Use the street light outage map to report:

  • Burnt out street lights
  • Street lights remaining on during daylight hours
  • Flickering street lights 
  • Damaged poles or fixtures



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I report a street light outage? 

If you know the location of your street light outage, visit the Street Light Outage Reporting map. Navigate the map to the location of the desired streetlight. When you’ve located your desired light, click on it, and select Report a Street Light Issue. This will bring you to a Street Light Outage form where you can select the type of outage (i.e., light out, on during the daytime, flickering or cycling). If you are unsure of the exact streetlight, you can indicate this in the Notes section of the street light form. 

How can I tell if my street light outage has been attended to? 

When a street light has been serviced by a third-party provider, the Street Light Outage Reporting map is updated to indicate the most recent date of repair. Clicking on the desired street light outage will activate a pop-up, if there are additional issues in repairing the streetlight, they will be added to the Note of this pop-up on the Street Light Outage Reporting Map.

How long does it take for a streetlight outage to be repaired? 

Typically, Town Staff attempt to visit and service streetlights within 14 days of reporting. During winter months, street light outage reporting numbers increase due to the longer periods without sunlight. Town crews and contracted partners work hard to ensure lights are attended to within the 14-day window, however, this timeline is not always feasible. Crews will make every effort to attend to a reported streetlight as soon as possible. In the event that a streetlight is unable to be repaired within 14 days, a note will be added to the street light to inform the residents of the delay.  

How can I get updates on my street light outage report? 

If you would like to receive updates on your street light outage report, the most up-to-date information is available on the street light outage map (link). You can find the information by searching the street light number that was provided in the original street light outage submission form.