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Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake's Sign By-law, No.4586-12 regulates and coordinates the type, placement, condition and scale of signs within the different land-use districts in the Town to recognize the commercial communication requirements of all sectors of the business community while preserving the unique character of the Town, its scenic characteristics and preventing distraction to motorists.

As we transition to the bustling spring and summer season, the Town’s Sign By-law (By-law 4586-12) will once again be enforced.

Section 5.03 of this By-law states that all signs within the Queen-Picton Zone require a Heritage Permit and a Sign Permit prior to display, except Temporary Signs, which require a Sign Permit only. Sandwich Board Signs (A-Frame) or mobile signs are not permitted in the Queen-Picton Zone as indicated in Schedule "B" of the By-law.

If signs are found in the Queen-Picton area that do not have a Heritage Permit or a Sign Permit or are prohibited signs within that Zone, business owners may be subject to a penalty of $350.00.

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