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Community Initiatives & Events

Community Initiatives & Events

How Can You Participate?

Communities in Bloom provides residents in all our neighborhoods - Old Town, Queenston, St. Davids, Glendale, and Virgil - with an opportunity to showcase our many wonderful horticultural, environmental, and heritage preservation initiatives.  

We need help from all our residents, business owners, community organizations, churches, schools, and other institution to tidy up their properties and be creatively appealing with their gardens and yards.

Please contact us if you would like to share your ideas or volunteer your time and expertise to help us compete in the CIB program.

  • Tidiness - includes all parks and public spaces, boulevards, streets, sidewalks, ditches, roads and properties
  • Environmental Action - includes our policies and by-laws on waste reduction and reduce/reuse/recycle efforts, water conservation, naturalization, and environmental stewardship and sustainable development in green spaces
  • Heritage Conservation - includes preservation of our natural heritage, as well as our cultural heritage (monuments, memorials, museums, events) and the integration of landscape and streetscapes with our built heritage
  • Urban Forestry - includes policies, by-laws, and standards for tree management, tree placement, tree inventory, and commemorative trees, as well as pest management practices
  • Landscape  - includes how we create an environment to showcase our overall surroundings, looking at things such as the balance of plants, materials, and construction
  • Floral Displays - includes all efforts to design, plan, execute, and maintain floral displays and takes into account originality, location, diversity, colour, and harmony

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