Map of Randwood Estate and John Street East

Character Study - Rand Estate and John Street East

Character Study - Rand Estate and John Street East

Character Study update: Notice of Open House and Public Meeting

The Town has undertaken a Character Study for the Rand Estate and John Street East area to guide future change. 

The Study was released for information in December and can be found here.

The formal amendment process is commencing in accordance with the Planning Act to incorporate policy and design guidance into the Town’s Official Plan. This process will include an Open House and Statutory Public Meeting ahead of a Recommendation Report on the proposed amendment.

The draft Official Plan Amendment is available for review and comment at the following link.

The Study

The Town is undertaking a Character Study for the Rand Estate and John Street East area (the “Study”). This Study is the result of Council direction to implement policies of the Town’s adopted Official Plan.

The study area includes the lands bound by the Heritage Trail, Charlotte Street, John Street East and lands around the urban area boundary in Old Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, as shown in the map below.

Map of Randwood Estate and John Street East

The purpose of the Character Study (the “Study”) is to define the character of the area and identify appropriate policies, regulations and design criteria to guide future development.

The objectives of the Study are:

  1. Establish a planning framework that protects existing cultural and natural heritage features, as well as agricultural lands;
  2. Establish land use and cultural heritage policies and other design guidance for potential development within the study area; and,
  3. Define and recommend any additional implementation mechanism(s) or tools to address the area character.

Process and Timeline

The Character Study was initiated in October of 2022 and is being carried out in three phases. Engagement will be scheduled at various intervals throughout the project.

Previous Consultation

A Public Information Centre was held on April 27, 2023, which included:

  • Seven Draft Planning and Design Principles informed by an analysis of the site and a review of relevant provincial, regional and Town policies;
  • An Emerging Heritage and Development Framework to guide heritage conservation and new land uses in the area;
  • Draft Key Policy Directions that provide details on how future change in the area can support the principles and emerging framework.

Thank you to those that participated in the Public Information Centre. If you didn’t get a chance to join, there is still an opportunity to review the information presented and provide your feedback. The link to the full PowerPoint Presentation can be found here.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the content of the presentation and are specifically interested in getting your input on the Draft Principles and Key Policy Directions.

The session was live-streamed and can be viewed here.

The consulting team has also launched a Social Pinpoint Survey and Ideas Board to collect input. It can be found here.

Staff are also available to collect comments or answer questions. Please see the contact information below.

The input and feedback collected helped to guide the next phase of the study.

Consultant Team

The Town has retained Urban Strategies Inc. and GBCA Architects to undertake the Character Study.

Urban Strategies Inc. is a planning and urban design firm that offers a wide range of services to public and private clients across Canada. The firm has completed other projects in Niagara-on-the-Lake such as plans for the Old Town Dock Area, Glendale and Queenston.

GBCA is one of Canada’s leading heritage firms and has won numerous awards for its work over the past 22 years, including the prestigious Governor-General’s Award and several Ontario Association of Architects Awards of Excellence.

The Town also invites you to get in touch at any time if you have any questions or comments about the Study. Please contact Kirsten McCauley, Director of Community and Development Services, by phone at 905-468-3266 ext. 243 or by email at

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