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Special Occasion Permits

In order to obtain approval from the Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire Department for Special Occasion Permits, the following guidelines must be met or specific exemptions given by the Chief Fire Official may be granted:

  • A fee of $74.97/hour must be paid to the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire Department prior to a letter of authorization being issued.
  • A copy of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's (AGCO) Special Occasion Permit.
  • A minimum of two U.L.C. approved fire extinguishers with a minimum rating of “2A-10BC” must be located in a visible and accessible location in all licensed areas.
  • A site plan of the property with the location and size of the licensed area and/or tent size.
  • The occupant load in the licensed areas shall be determined by the Chief Fire Official and will be detailed in the authorized letter.
  • A minimum of two well-separated exits shall be provided from each licensed area including signage and emergency lighting if the event takes place after dark.
  • Emergency access routes shall be maintained throughout the duration of the event for all emergency services vehicles.
  • Any barbecues or other cooking devices must be located a minimum of 25 feet or 7.5 meters from any structure and must take into consideration the wind conditions on that day so the smoke and fumes are not entering the tent or pavilion.
  • All propane cylinders or other compressed gas cylinders must be fastened or chained outside of the tent structure.
  • Any tent must meet the flame-resistant rating requirements in CAN/ULC S-109-M and NFPA701-1977 – “Standard for Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films” and certification of this must be supplied to the fire department prior to the event.
  • The grass in any tent and for 10 feet or 3 meters outside the tent must be mowed to one inch or less and the area must be raked of all loose clippings.
  • Hay, straw, shavings and other similar combustible materials shall not be permitted in the tent.
  • Smoking and open flame devices including candles shall not be permitted in the tent.
  • All garbage receptacles inside any tent must be noncombustible in nature and be equipped with noncombustible lids.
  • Exit signs and emergency lighting shall be provided for a duration of at least 30 minutes where natural lighting is not sufficient or in the event of a power failure.


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