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Small Business Development

Small Business Development

Niagara Spark
Niagara Spark is a collaborative workplace community for the entrepreneurial workforce.  Space is provided where start-ups and established businesses can locate with the necessary support to grow and thrive.

Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre  
The Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre is the first stop for information and advice on starting a business. They offer free and confidential consultations (by appointment) to discuss your business and assist in the development of your business plan. They can also guide you through any registration/licencing requirements and help answer any business-related questions.

Upper Canada Native Art    
Upper Canada Native Art specializes in Inuit and Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) art celebrating and promoting Canadian Native Artisans.

St. Catharines Enterprise Centre  
The St. Catharines Enterprise Centre (SCEC) provides the information, resources and tools that entrepreneurs need to launch and grow their start-up businesses.

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